Our Mission

FarsiGlobal’s mission is to continually improve the translation process and deliver quality linguistic services to businesses and individuals. Our goal is to help International and Middle Eastern businesses to bridge the gap and crack lucrative deals with global expansion of business. On the other hand, we focus on helping immigrants in the European countries to tackle the language barrier and sooth some of their pain. We aim at setting realistic timelines to provide quality services and to keep costs to a minimum through application of technology-based solutions to our human translation.

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Our Languages


One of the six languages of NATO spoken by almost half a billion people

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Language of a growing economy, a vibrant culture, and highly educated population in the Middle East

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Kurdish Sorani

Official language of the Regional Government of Kurdistan, Iraq and the most common Kurdish dialect.

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Spoken by more than 100 million people in India and Pakistan

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Pashto / Pushto along with Dari is one of the national languages of Afghanistan and is the second-largest regional language of Pakistan

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One of the official languages of Afghanistan and native language of almost 40% of the Afghanistan population

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Around 10 to 15 million native speakers in Europe and 60-65 million native speakers Asia

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Spoken by more than 8 million people worldwide.

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Kurdish Kurmanji

Spoken by most Kurd immigrants to Europe coming from Northern Iraq or Syria

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