Most of our clients are looking beyond a simple translation from/into a Middle Eastern language. In most cases, they are in need of a reliable team to ensure quality as well as satisfying their expectations in meeting the deadlines and delivering their projects in a timely manner. We believe we can meet our clients’ expectations because of the following:

Our project managers

Our project managers coordinate communication between our customers and the translation team. Their understanding of Middle Eastern culture makes the communication more efficient between what the client needs and what our translators and proofreaders must do to make bring the translations as close as possible to the intention of the client.

In addition to managing the day-to-day office management tasks, some of the duties of our PM’s include preparing proposals and interacting with our translators and our clients from around the globe.

Our translators and proofreaders

A dedicated team of two translators ensures each translated text is reviewed, perfected and delivered on time. We give you peace of mind – with everything from crystal-clear legal translations, compelling copy and accurate reports to error-free technical manuals and care with confidential documents.

Our team’s expertise

Currently our team caters translation in 8 Middle Eastern languages: Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Kurdish, Urdu, Dari, Pashto, Turkish, and Hebrew. Two of our translators in Arabic, three in Persian, and one in Dari hold PhD degrees and one Arabic, two Farsi, one Turkish translator are based in Austria with Engineering degrees. Our other linguists hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in life sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. These combinations of academic and industry experts are also committed to the common code of professional ethics in maintaining conscientiousness, professionalism and confidentiality.

Our teams’ cultural understanding of the Middle East

Most of our linguists are originally from Middle East and they translate into their native language. Therefore, when translating documents they are well aware of the nuances which are not culturally accepted, or even are taboos in the Middle East where majority of the population are Muslims. The cultural awareness of our linguists helps us to avoid future issues.

Our in-house DTP team:

Many projects involve something beyond mere document translation. Preparing PowerPoint documents for presentation, flyers for the immigrants to United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and European Union countries, Brochure or leaflets, Instruction manuals are some very common activities which our DTP team help us create publishable materials that look appealing to English and Middle Eastern audiences. Our graphic design team has developed its expertise in an array of disciplines, thanks to experience working for newspapers, publishers, printing companies and television networks.

Our customer support

Our goal is to provide comprehensive support throughout the duration of your project. However, the type of translation support we provide generally depends on your organization’s translation/localization requirements. Essentially, the ReoRex translation/localization model matches your organization’s translation/globalization requirements to the ideal people, process and technology.

ReoRex has the industry expertise, linguistic flair, energy and enthusiasm needed to understand your business and translation needs. We put you in direct contact with the ideal account/project manager, providing a single point of contact for all your projects. Simply provide the details on your requirements and target market, and the professionals at ReoRex will take your message directly to the intended audience.

If you have questions or a project to be translated, please contact us. A convenient form is provided below: