Engineering has a profound influence on every aspect of modern life, and certainly we in the translation field appreciate all that engineering makes possible for us. However, amid the progress of technology, it is increasingly important that those who are active in the engineering field transcend the traditional borders of language, nationality and ethnicity. Thus, it's essential that participants in engineering stabilize and diversify their business activities through the development of international--even global--clientele.

Close interaction among countries means that knowledge is affirmed and developed by multiple actors in various languages. So, as a respected language service provider it's our task to ensure the clarity and accuracy of manuals and technical documents. Such communications are essential as elements in the global engineering economy. Moreover, the clarity and precision with which a product or a service is represented internationally will have a significant bearing on its degree of success. In other words, the effort invested in developing a product or providing a service will be effective only when the language of related documentation is compatible with the target market.

Technical documentation consists of highly evolved concepts, which are expressed through very specific terminology. The translation of such materials requires accurate, stylistically consistent language regardless of which target language is employed. This is notoriously difficult to achieve without a great deal of linguistic skill, combined with expert knowledge in the subject discipline. In other words, one must not only be an engineer but must also have highly developed communication skills. The translator must speak the language of technology and pursue accuracy for the sake of the originator and the audience.

Thus, excellence isn't merely an extra. It is expected as an assurance that all objectives will be satisfied. After all, the substandard translation of technical documents would not only damage a company's brand image but could also incur liabilities. At Farsi Global, excellence is evident in all we do. In fact, we're the only major translation group to be founded and managed by Middle Eastern language experts with backgrounds in science and technology.

The exchange of critical technology demands the very best translation. Trust Farsi Global to answer that demand. We expect it of ourselves, and we'll do our utmost to ensure the accuracy of your technical communications.

Document types

We specialize in technical documentation for our corporate and individual clients:

  • Engineering specifications
  • Operating manuals
  • Bills of materials
  • Patents
  • CAD drawings
  • Presentations
  • Catalogs
  • RFP responses
  • E-learning
  • Safety manuals
  • Installation manuals
  • Software and hardware UI
  • Labels
  • Training materials
  • Marketing materials
  • Technical proposals
  • MSDS and data sheets
  • User guides
  • Multimedia
  • Websites